A testimonial by Giles Roper

CEO – Mithras Technologies

“Mithras Technologies, a pioneer in vision systems has selected InnoVision Projects as a trusted partner to deliver our solutions to our key global clients. This decision has enabled us to maximise our resources in Procurement and Project Management and to continuously deliver.

The feedback from our clients is always the same: InnoVision Projects delivers best practice and that members of the Core Project teams have come to rely on and trust in the work ethic of all the members of InnoVision Projects. This allows me to focus on my strength, designing innovative technologies, with the knowledge that delivering them, will always be taken care of.

Louise McKenna-Mayes and her team at InnoVision Projects brings to Mithras Technologies the elements of being dexterous, intuitive, but above all enables each and every project to deliver its targets.

Our clients consistently dub her team as “Project Heroes”. They are a cherished and trusted partner of my company and form a major part of our client’s team.”

A testimonial by the end user a Multinational Conglomerate

“I am writing this to commend Louise & InnoVision Projects in their role as Project and Procurement heroes.

I have worked with Louise in my capacity as a project champion many times, overseeing multiple bespoke machine vision system deployments that have been sent to Asia, Europe, Latin America & the USA. (These vision system solutions have unique capabilities that cannot be purchased elsewhere and rely on cutting-edge technology.)

Our projects have depended heavily on Louise’s negotiation skills & vendor management experience to source components and services from all over the world.

InnoVision Projects is effective at tracking issues, their solutions, facilitating group decisions around risk, tracking timelines and everything else necessary to run these projects smoothly.

They are effective in their ability to deal with foreign plant personnel (the end users), able to navigate arcane corporate foibles and able to communicate with all levels of management & engineers at their necessary levels of detail.

I would highly recommend InnoVision Projects for managing small, medium or large capital technology projects with low, medium or high levels of risk and complexity.”