InnoVision Projects specialises in unique Project Management and Procurement Solutions for organisations who have the future in mind. We aim to simplify and demystify project management principles. We enable innovators and SME’s to expand their business and maximise their resources.

Our Vision is to become the industry’s most loved, most committed, and most desirable Outsourced Procurement & Project Management company

Our Mission is to save our clients time, money and resources

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InnoVision Projects

Why InnoVision Projects

InnoVision Projects is an experienced outsourced Project Management & Procurement company that helps you save time, money and resources.

Some of the biggest challenges Innovators face today are:

Financial Management


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Industry 4.0

Recruitment of
professional services

Customer Services

Founder, Louise Mckenna-Mayes leads a dynamic team that works with you to tailor flexible solutions in a STEM environment.
We enable the delivery of niche & emerging technologies that have been created and designed by Innovators.

We offer the following solutions:


We offer a single point of contact and management on complex projects which allows you to meet and deliver the goals and objectives on budget when the stakes are high.

Our experienced project managers are known in the STEM industry for successfully navigating the demands and complexities of a changing regulatory marketplace.

With improved Project Management Processes, your organisation / functional area can operate at its maximum potential.

  • High level experience without the inhouse cost of resources
  • Rates that are benchmarked against industry standards
  • One InnoVision Projects hour is tailored to your specific requirements, saving you time, money and resources


Good Procurement strategies can be the difference between a profitable company and a failed business.

InnoVision Projects work with our clients to maximise your budget and enhance efficiencies whilst maintaining a laser focus on Assurance of Supply. This allows mitigation of associated risks.

If you are a company that experiences consistent growth spurts, lacks expertise and requires professional purchasing resources, we have the structures and experience to help you.

  • Delivering more for less – one company, all the experience, affordable rates
  • Knowledge of which suppliers are best suited for your product
  • Helping you develop & manage a global supply chain
  • Skilled negotiation to leverage the right deal


Facilitating successful projects and procurement solutions is having the ability to understand how human factors impact your business strategy. InnoVision Projects utilises the latest Neuro Science and Neuro Linguistics to develop ideas, concepts and techniques that are aligned with your business philosophy.

  • Improved performance
  • More successful conflict resolution
  • Productive communication
  • Enhanced negotiation and selling skills

InnoVision’s Core Services



Research tells us that skilled, trained, and experienced project managers increase the likelihood of project success, meeting original goals, and delivering on business intent. As the value of project management to an organization’s ability to implement strategy becomes more apparent, project managers will increasingly serve in more high-profile and strategic roles and will be even better positioned to usher their organization through the impending disruption.” – Pulse of the Profession 2018

InnoVision’s Project Management Solutions helps you save time, money and resources.

  • One InnoVision hour delivers exceptional budget management control and a highly skilled Project Management Team.
  • Blended and flexible Project Management philosophy that best suits your business needs
  • A single Point of Contact – local or global
  • Along with our specialised Project Managers, our unique ‘Project Brain’ governs the entire project. This is a single document that removes the requirement for unnecessary burdensome document control. It is leaner and is focused on key areas of your project aimed to deliver on time and within budget.

Our services are tailored to meet our client’s business strategy, our offerings include but are not limited to:

  • Risk Mitigation
  • Resource Management
  • Budget Control
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Change Management
  • People Management


“Give me the best price and you’ll get the business,” is still the driving force for many procurement organizations. And while the singular focus on cost savings is beneficial in the short term, it can fail as a long-term approach. In the era of big data, it’s now possible and practical to include strategic considerations such as vendor performance, risk analysis, and sustainable practices in procurement decisions. More than half of all midmarket and enterprise organizations surveyed in the Forrester study cited the ability to better leverage big data and analytics as a priority. The insight can help procurement professionals improve spend management, detect potential fraud, mitigate risks, and promote more strategic vendor negotiations” - the Forrester Study

Procurement is essential for your business to succeed. Our Procurement Solutions help you save time, money and resources.

  • One InnoVision hour delivers 15 years of Global Procurement and Supply Chain experience from SME’s to global companies
  • Consult & manage Procurement Strategies that encompasses Assurance of Supply, Quality, Service, Cost and Innovation
  • Consult, facilitate and deliver strategic negotiations from SME’s to Global Corporates
  • Develop and manage Supplier Relationship Management strategies that are aligned with your business goals

Our services are tailored to meet our client’s business strategy, our offerings include but are not limited to:

  • Consulting: RFI, RFP, RFQ
  • Purchasing Strategies focusing on Assurance of Supply
  • Procurement Contracts
  • Supply Risk Management
  • Strategic Cost Management
  • Spend Management


People deliver Projects! InnoVision Projects create Core Project teams. Our philosophy and company values of trust and integrity enables the team to develop and flourish whilst adapting to specific elements of the project. This provides a safe and happy working environment.

InnoVision Projects believes in People

  • We implement Neuro Linguistical Programming (NLP) strategies with all our solutions
  • Management of Global & multicultural teams
  • Mitigation of Human Error
  • Development of human elements including concept, design & technique
  • Development & management of a Core Project Team

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