About Us

About Us

We at InnoVision Projects have a passion for global project management and procurement but more importantly it is our passion for people that is the real heartbeat of our company.

We believe there is a better way to deliver a project. A step by step evolution that focuses on our client by refining, improving and collaborating within a core team to deliver the primary objective on time and within budget.

Our mission at InnoVision Projects is to engage and inspire the people we work with. Delivering your global project doesn’t have to be complicated, along with our unique methodology, you will find a team that is committed to walking with you on the journey to success.

What Makes us Different?

Through 15 years of best practice experience in global sourcing strategies and project
management, we empower our clients to deliver the future!


By combining outstanding communication through technology and a deep understanding of
NLP tools and techniques. This enables consistently sound project delivery on a continuous

Our experience has revealed that exceptional communication, unyielding negotiation, and intelligent persuasion is essential to effective project management in the real world.

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